"I cannot live without this eye mask! This mask sits on my bed side, I take it with me when I travel, whether flying or driving, and I also take it to spas with me if I am getting a treatment or something done and I want total darkness…..This is great if you are having any trouble sleeping, it blocks out ALL light and does not press down on your eyes and eyelashes. We blink in our sleep and when you have a mask that is pushing on your eyes, it could do the opposite and prevent you from sleeping. Not this mask - it is incredible and I will never be without it!"
~ Aditi
"WOW!!! Just used my new Dreams mask, was using the original design with great success, slept for 12 hours, avg has been 7 hours. Complete blackout which is hard to do since I use a full face CPAP nasal pillow machine every night. Great new design, I highly recommend it."
~ David Williams
"These are hands down the best sleep masks I have found. I am a nurse who works the night shift, so having a good sleep mask is essential for me to get a restful  sleep. I have tried many different masks in the past. Then I found the Nidra mask and I am sold. I love that the mask is shaped so that nothing is resting directly on my eyes."
~ Janet Willis
"I've had this mask for almost 2 months now, and I love it! It comfortably blocks out ALL light!I I've also noticed a difference in my sleep quality (I track with Fitbit) on nights I use the mask. I don't know how I've gone so long without this eye mask!"
~ Ama
"Nidra is AWESOME…. This is a whole, new universe of darkness for me. It's so dark in there, it almost cancels noises around you. Ok, maybe that's a bit over the top, but it is the best eye mask I've ever had."
~ Dangui
"Love the deep eye pockets! I can open my eye with out them feeling squished! I have complete darkness with this mask! Love Love Love this product ."
~ Robin
"I've been wearing sleep masks for years, and this is easily both the most comfortable and the lightest. It conforms nicely to my face, leaves my eyes free from pressure, and is pleasantly dark. Super comfy!"
~ Mary McCombie